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PDF ShapingUp is a PDF editing tool with which you can cut, separate, extract or add images, text and watermarks to any PDF document.

The program allows you to carry out all these operations from its comfortable and intuitive interface. No matter what you want to do, just two clicks will be enough to carry out the process which will then be completed in just a few seconds.

Unfortunately, in contrast to its interface, the translation is not only highly questionable, but at times incomprehensible, and can sometimes lead to mistakes.

PDF ShapingUp is an application with its pros and cons. On the one hand it does effectively a useful job, but on the other hand the translation is so poor than can lead you to mistake.

New : PDF Viewer algorithm that perform fast loadings and renderings of any documents with lesser impact on disk, memory and processors cores
Improved : Software stability
Improved : Quality of the image displayed in the magnifier
Improved : Removing redundant PDF rendering engines
Fixed : Closing multiple documents in the documents & pages manager causes a fatal error
Fixed : Unselecting thumbnails in the documents & pages manager is not performed correctly
Fixed : Disabling a network adapter would force to re-activate the license
Fixed : License activation failed to contact the activation servers in some regions of the world even if there was nothing locally blocking the connection


15 day trial period.

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